Why Become A Trader At

Errol Sunday Market?

Errol Sunday Market has a fascinating and unusual history.  What was once a military airfield with strategic importance is now the location of Scotland’s largest indoor Sunday Market and Car Boot. The Sunday Market is owned and operated by the Morris Leslie Group, which was originally founded over 40 years ago on a farm in Rait, Perthshire.  The market is sited at RAF Errol Airfield which was originally a WWII airfield opened during 1942 and used to train Polish & Russian pilots, being disused in 1948. The airfield is the perfect location for a market as it lies halfway between Perth and Dundee and is ideally located to draw visitors from far and wide.  With the added bonus that it has free public parking for 2000 cars, enabling regular footfall of 10,000 much to trader’s delight!

Errol Sunday Market recognised the need to provide the buying public with a larger, more comfortable undercover shopping environment to help overcome weather induced fluctuations in sales for the traders. Hence the Market Hall was created, the first phase opened in 2014. Demand quickly grew, with the second phase being completed in 2015 and has proved to be a welcome addition, housing 42 individual shop style units. Each unit has access to mains electricity and the whole complex is centrally heated with a public walkway down the centre of the Market Hall. The indoor market hall unit is an ideal place for start-up and development opportunities for smaller scale businesses.

Errol Sunday Market is a proud member of The National Association of British Market Authorities (NABMA) and National Market Traders Federation (NMTF).

NABMA is the leading markets organisation in the UK. It promotes markets on the national stage and provides a wide portfolio of services for its members. NMTF is a national trade association for market and street traders, events retailers and mobile caterers in the UK.

The whole site benefits from having excellent CCTV coverage and the recent upgrade in secure wi-fi enables traders to use credit card facilities. We are continuously improving our site and have recently installed a new toilet and shower block; providing better facilities for both traders and customers alike, especially those traders who arrive on site on the Saturday to prepare for the Sunday trading. A quarterly newsletter is produced and distributed to the traders keeping them up to date on any new developments and staff changes.

There is a total of 115 regular traders plus upwards of 30 plus casual traders who attend the market. The market is a popular magnet in which attracts large numbers of car booters, with  numbers ranging between 100 to 300 depending on seasonal conditions.

To accommodate the high number of traders and  car booters there are extensive all weather undercover halls available offering superb trading conditions, which are most welcome from a shoppers perspective. Sizes of the halls range from 5,000 sq ft to the likes of the Jim Clark Hall which is an impressive 28,000sq ft and able to accommodate large numbers of trading units of various shapes and sizes.

Please note that car boot sellers will only gain access once the daily admission fee has been paid and will be guided to a trading position by a Sunday Market member of staff who will be wearing high visibility clothing.

The market is extremely well signposted and is extensively advertised in the local press and on local radio.