Terms & Conditions

At Errol Sunday Market


All traders – car booters wishing to trade at our market are required by law to complete a Trader Registration Form. Such will be handed to you by the market superintendent prior to allocating any trading space. Traders wishing to occupy containers- cabins or open pitch type stalls, proof of I.D is required. The likes of Driving Licence,(paper copy plus Plastic Photo Licence) Passport and Household Utility Bill, copies will be taken and attached to Trader Registration Form. Likewise existing traders will be require to complete such forms when asked to do so.


The market trading hours will be from 8.00 am until 3.00 pm. Between these hours no vehicular movements may occur in any part of the market layout, unless otherwise directed by the market superintendent. All traders will park their vehicles in the designated trader parking areas or as directed by market staff.


Under no circumstances will this Company allow the selling of counterfeit or illegal products this includes the likes of tobacco, cigarettes and alcohol. In partnership with Perth and Kinross Council, H M Customs & Excise along with Police Scotland this policy will be strictly enforced. Any trader or associate, who upon inspection is found to contravene this policy will be barred from trading at this market. There will be no exceptions to this rule. It is simply designed to protect the long term interest of this Company’s business and the livelihoods of honest hard working traders. A Zero tolerance

policy on all counterfeit and contraband goods is adopted and will be strictly enforced.


Any proprietor/trader of a food business shall ensure that all activities involved comply with current food hygiene standards and that they are identified, implemented, maintained and reviewed on the basis of the following principles:

  • 1. Analysis of the potential food hazards in a food business operation.
  • 2. Identification of the points in those operations where food hazards may occur.
  • 3. Deciding which of the points identified are critical to ensuring food safety.
  • 4. Identification and implementation of effective control and monitoring procedures at those critical points.
  • 5. All food traders must be registered with Market Management and Perth & Kinross Environmental Health Department.

The aforementioned guidelines and further information can be found within Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995 and Food Safety (Temperature Control) Regulations 1995. These regulations apply to businesses operating within Markets and Fairs, Mobile Vehicles and Street Trader.


Should, on any occasion, a registered trader fail to turn up for whatever reason, full rental will be charged for that particular week with the due rental for the trading unit- area being paid in full upon the return of the said trader. The trading position occupied will be a matter of concession and not of right. Under no account will any trading area or part of be sub-let to any other trader. All rentals due to this Company are to be paid on cash when requested to so by this Company’s rent persons.

Failure to pay due rentals when asked to do so will result in the loss of trading rights from this market. It is further advised that traders ensure that they have the required rental money in their possession to pay their rental when asked to do so.


Errol Car Boot Market will be closed for two weeks during the Christmas and New Year Holiday period. Traders are entitled to one weeks free storage/rental during the two week holiday period.

For the second week, first week in January, normal rental charges will apply and all occupied containers & cabins, trading space will be charged accordingly.


As regards Health and Safety all traders will ensure that their stall equipment, dress rails are kept within their designated trading area. In terms of Emergency/Fire Regulations, all public gangways must be kept clear at all times, therefore no merchandise shall overhang the said gangways.


The handing out of credit notes is not allowed. Any justifiable complaint with the sale of new goods must be rectified by either direct exchange of immediate refund of cash as required by the customer. During the course of the days trading activities, traders will at all times, conduct their business in a correct and proper manner and that abusive or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated. This Company reserves the right at all times to refuse to permit any trader to trade on the market without any reason being given. Further, it should be noted that all trading positions constitute no more than a one day or part day single let and neither give nor imply any further right. The market superintendent’s decision is final at that moment in time in regards to any market disputes.


We will at all times conduct our business affairs in a professional manner and accordingly, all aspects of the market will be managed and promoted to the highest possible standard.

Any disputes arising within the market will be dealt with in a quiet manner and not debated in a public arena fashion.

We will at all times operate our market in a safe and beneficial way for all traders and the general public, acknowledging that the market is primarily a public and community service.

All employees of Errol Sunday Market will act in a polite and courteous manner.

At all times irrespective of Race, Religion or Financial standing, we pledge that all traders will be treated in an equal manner.

All information we as a Company hold relating to traders personal details will be kept strictly confidential and no details will be disclosed to the general public.

We will ensure that traders are able to gain access to the market site by 7.30 am hours each Sunday.

Should you have any suggestions or comments regarding this market, please contact the main office on 01821 642940 or alternatively email the Market Manager onĀ Email Enquiries